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Innovative Art House NFA

Today we are pioneers in regulating and combining the two essences of art. acts as a link between the digital copy (NFT) and the physical original, providing a new experience in understanding and selling fine art.







Our Services

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For Investors

  • Contemporary Art has outperformed the S&P 500 by nearly 3X since 1995

  • Stock markets are volatile, invest in phygital NFT art

  • Enjoy Fine Art and NFT opportunities: Liquidity of artworks and stable investment growth.


For Artists

  • When told that drawing a famous black square was simple, Malevich retorted, "Sure, give it a try selling it that way!"

  • We sell paintings all over the world using the most modern technologies

  • All our artists are residents of NFA art house and have royalties from sales. Join our community!


For Collectors

  • Analysts predict the growth of #BTC to $100K in 2024

  • The income from NFT grows multiple times along with the price of the cryptocurrency

  • Ride at the wave of growing interest in the NFT market

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