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Updated: Feb 5

Characters is 990 NFTs made from 500 artworks by artists worldwide. We are NFA — we can surprise and do things that others can’t 🙂

From the fascinating realm of Cryptopunks to the luxurious retreat of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, we’ve witnessed a profound dance of collectors, deeply entwined with NFT collections boasting characters of unique and compelling traits.

These digital tokens cease to be mere assets; they metamorphose into extensions of our virtual personas. It’s more than owning a piece; it’s embodying a digital alter ego. A quirky, profound phenomenon where the virtual curtain rises, revealing characters that aren’t just collected; they perform as actors on the grand stage of our digital existence.

In this digital theater, characters aren’t confined to traditional roles; they are the protagonists of a dynamic play unfolding across screens.

Why Frames?

In the realm of modern chic, the neon frame serves as a transformative element, imparting a contemporary flair to what would otherwise be a conventional portrait. This unique framing not only accentuates the emotions captured within but also establishes a captivating bridge between traditional portraiture and the technological and cultural landscape of today.

Research has unveiled a fascinating aspect of human psychology — the innate inclination to gaze upon others, seeking both familiar and distinctive features in their images, all while subconsciously searching for reasons to perceive oneself in a favorable light. Portraits provide a delightful avenue for this exploration. However, what truly captivates us? Emotions! The ability to vicariously experience, embrace, resist, or even actively seek out emotions within an image adds an unparalleled dimension to our visual encounters.

Thus, in the fusion of modern aesthetics and timeless emotions, the neon-framed portrait emerges as a captivating testament to the evolving nature of art — a reflection of our deep-seated desire to connect, understand, and find fragments of our own humanity within the captivating visages before us.

Why Characters?

These characters transcend pixels, seamlessly breathing life into the digital realm. They don’t merely represent; they undergo a metamorphosis, becoming symbols, narratives, and extensions of personality.

Within these captivating collections, a character isn’t just a face; it’s a dynamic, interactive entity — an animated actor infusing vitality into the intricate tapestry of our online narratives. Instead of static images, these characters are dynamic players, embodying and personifying the whims, fantasies, and personalities of their collectors. Picture them as digital dancers, gracefully moving through the narratives of plays, films, books, and games, adding vibrant strokes to the digital canvas with supernatural charm or the allure of personified abstract entities.

As the curtain rises on this captivating saga, characters from these extraordinary collections take center stage — not just as collected artifacts but as vibrant actors shaping a digital narrative. In the grand theater of the online world, these characters transcend the traditional boundaries of art. They become conduits for personal expression, fostering connections that transcend the virtual and echo in the hearts of their collectors.

Antogonist or protagonist?

In the dance between heroes and antagonists, a fundamental conflict shapes every human story. While traditionally the antagonist is the negative force and the protagonist the positive one, this isn’t always the case. The antagonist serves as a mirror image of the protagonist, creating a compelling contrast. In a fascinating twist, the protagonist of any story becomes the antagonist of the antagonist — an intriguing dynamic.

To delve into the inner workings of these characters, emotion tracking becomes a portal. Emotions are illuminated with neon frames, offering a window into their digital souls.

Reflect on yourself; identify your own antagonists. Now, envision them as intricate and captivating as those found in the most compelling stories. In the complex choreography of the virtual world, these characters aren’t merely collected; they are embraced, glorified, and thrust onto the vast stage of the world. They evolve beyond mere symbols; they transform into vehicles of self-expression, echoing the unique stories and quirks of their collectors. It’s an enchanting interaction where characters cease to be static; they metamorphose into dynamic threads intricately woven into the evolving tapestry of our digital existence.

Who is the artist?

Featuring 500 artworks by over 250 artists, our collection showcases traditional paintings from artists hailing from 30+ countries worldwide. Each artist brings a unique world of talent and a compelling narrative to the canvas. At the core of our mission is an unwavering dedication to fostering a symbiotic relationship with our artists. Collaborating with these visionary creators is a privilege, as we immerse ourselves in their extraordinary creative energy and introduce them to the digital realm, the world of Web3. They courageously navigate these realms, doing so for you and with you. Our artists aspire to connect with the modern collector, seeking understanding and mutual appreciation.

Together, we embark on a journey of continual growth, united by a shared objective — to enhance the artistic landscape for collective advancement.


Welcome to Character Community — a dynamic hub for art enthusiasts who perceive images as more than mere visuals, unraveling narratives, and people beneath the surface of every picture.

As holders of this collection, you’re not just observers; you’re integral participants in an exhilarating odyssey into the realm of characters. Here, you’ll delve into fresh stories where each individual can play the rules of both antagonist and protagonist.

Crafting these narratives is a collaborative venture, involving the exchange of information, sharing impressions, experiencing joy, and fostering intrigue. Join us in shaping a community where stories unfold beyond the canvas, and every member contributes to the vibrant tapestry of The Character Community.

Exploring the rich variety of the Characters collection, we invite you to delve deeper into the world of NFT digital art at NFA Space. The Characters collection is a celebration of creativity and innovation, where each NFT demonstrates the interaction and power of technology in the service of art. From abstract drawings that convey amazing emotions to life-size portraits, our collection offers a wide range of styles for every taste to demonstrate the effectiveness of merging digital and traditional art. By choosing NFT art from NFA Space, you are not just acquiring a digital asset; you join the works of modern art and the community of collectors of modern art. Find out more and add to your collection with exceptional works available at NFA Space.

Key Details

Collection Link: Quantity: 990 pieces Price: 0.0265–0.03 ETH Price for PASS and OG holders: FREE (x1)

Snapshot of holders will be done in 24hours before the mint 1 wallet with PASS or OG = 1 free character

If you have several passes and you want to mint a free character under each pass, you can transfer your passes to different wallets, before snapshot time Listed NFTs will not be counted during snapshot

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This is very interesting collection you have here and the Frames is unique😁


Clinton Onyejegbu
Clinton Onyejegbu
Dec 12, 2023

Amazing projects

Giving artists the opportunity to showcase their art and also giving collectors the ability to choose from a wide range of characters


Such a extraordinary pieces of art! Glad I'm one of the witnesses this to be minted 😍


Dylan Cooper
Dylan Cooper
Dec 12, 2023

Amazing pieces made from 500 artists, each in it's own perfect way speaks volume... can't wait for the launch. Good luck


Dec 12, 2023 is really a creative project with NFT creation beyond natural, I'm looking forward to be a massive part of it.

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