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Grotesque Heads vol.2. Mauricio Yauri

Updated: Mar 12

Euphoria Reimagined: Mauricio Yauri's Latest Masterpieces Prepare to be enveloped in a spectacle of euphoria with Mauricio Yauri's newest collection. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of life itself, these artworks are a symphony of color, emotion, and unbridled creativity. Yauri's pastel strokes weave a tapestry of joy, wonder, and a touch of the mystical, each piece a gateway to a realm of luminous enchantment.

A Celebration of Unique Visions: This collection is not merely an exhibition of art; it is an invitation to journey alongside Yauri into landscapes unbound by gravity, where the spirit soars free, and the heart finds its echo in the canvas. The collectors, the dreamers, the visionaries who found solace and reflection in Mauricio's previous works will discover new depths, new joys, and new revelations within these latest offerings.

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Artistry of Mauricio

The Enigmatic Artistry of Mauricio: A Study in Grotesque Magnificence

A certain trait, when magnified, grants us the keen ability to discern the archetype.

Illustrated by the intriguing grotesque heads crafted by Leonardo da Vinci, we can begin to fathom why the grotesque has eternally captivated artistic souls.

It is a rebellion, a protest, an act of defiance.

Mauricio, an artist shrouded in mystery, crafts his masterpieces through the interplay of resemblances, often providing us with vivid glimpses into the realm of metaphors. These paintings possess an innate naturalness, rendering them easily recognizable.

At first glance, these drawings may appear as if the hand of a child had guided them. Yet, these are genuine pastel paintings on cardboard—a testament to the embodiment of artistic liberty

Mauricio Yauri's Vision:

Echoing the legacy of artistic rebels, Yauri's creations are a testament to the power of transformation and the beauty of disruption. Each piece is a narrative, a slice of a dream captured in vivid hues and bold contrasts. Here, the grotesque is not just a style but a lens through which we perceive the world anew, challenging our perceptions and inviting introspection.


In contemporary usage, we often employ the term "grotesque" to describe anything out of the ordinary, exaggerated, strange, unnatural, monstrous, or illogical—essentially, anything that defies easy classification.

The tools and components of the grotesque are incredibly diverse, making the quest to pinpoint the precise boundaries of the "grotesque" concept both challenging and ultimately futile. This is because the very essence of the grotesque lies in the obliteration of constraints, the embrace of variability, and the constant state of transformation—what one might call "radical fluidity."

Elements of the grotesque can be found in virtually every form of art, with the exception, perhaps, of the serene landscape. The grotesque genre, by its very nature, thrives on radicalism.

Simultaneously, it refuses to be confined by rigid boundaries, allowing one emotion to seamlessly evolve into another, humor to morph into satire, and comedy to transition into tragedy.


Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol, a titan of the Pop Art movement, redefined the boundaries between high art and popular culture, making him a legendary figure in the visual arts. His innovative approach to art, which included painting, silk screening, photography, film, and sculpture, challenged conventional distinctions and embraced the power of advertising and celebrity culture. Warhol's art, from the iconic Campbell's Soup Cans to portraits of Marilyn Monroe, blurred the lines between artistic expression and mass-produced imagery, making him a pioneer of a new art form that reflected the burgeoning consumer culture of the 1960s.

Don't miss the chance to own a piece of history, a tribute to Andy Warhol's revolutionary spirit and his indelible mark on the art world. It's more than art; it's a piece of cultural heritage that celebrates the genius of Warhol and the transformative power of his work.

Albert Einstein

Einstein's profound insights into the nature of the cosmos ushered in a new era in physics, steering the course of scientific thought through the tumultuous waters of the twentieth century. His famous equation, E=mc^2, became synonymous with the dawn of the atomic age, symbolizing the power of scientific discovery to both create and destroy.

His development of the theory of relativity, a cornerstone of modern physics, fundamentally altered our comprehension of space, time, and gravity.

Owning a portrait of Einstein is more than acquiring a work of art; it is a touch of unbridled curiosity that prompted Einstein to uncover the secrets of the universe. It is a celebration of a legacy that transcends science, embodying the pursuit of knowledge, the courage to question the status quo and the foresight to imagine the unimaginable.

Julia Fiona Roberts

Dive into the world of art and cinema with a striking portrait of Julia Fiona Roberts, immortalized in the unique grotesque style by the talented Mauricio Yauri. This piece is not just art; it's a tribute to a legendary figure whose impact on the film industry is both profound and inspirational.

Julia Roberts, an American icon, has graced the silver screen with her versatility, starring in an array of genres that showcase her incredible range. From the heartwarming charm of "Pretty Woman" to the intense drama of "Erin Brockovich," for which she won an Academy Award, Roberts has captivated audiences worldwide. Her talent has been recognized with a British Academy Film Award and three Golden Globe Awards, testament to her enduring appeal and exceptional skill.

This portrait is more than just a piece of art; it's a conversation starter, a statement piece, and a deep appreciation of talent and creativity. Owning it means celebrating Julia Roberts' monumental career and the innovative spirit of Mauricio Yauri's art. It's an opportunity to bring a piece of cinematic and artistic history into your home or collection.

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