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Art 3.0: Second year: so far, so good

Updated: May 13 is a web3 collection house, where the physical artworks found a new way to be distributed to art lovers and art collectors. What is

In simple terms, we facilitate the sale of physical, classic art in the NFT space, bridging the worlds of digital and physical art through blockchain technology. We unite the worlds of digital and physical art through the blockchain, offering a unique marketplace for artists and collectors to trade art in the form of NFT. We started our journey in May, 2022 and since that time we found 2 revenue channels for to build a sustainable project. Both of the revenue channels are based on selling art. We sell Digital NFT collections which launched as NFT collections based on real artworks by traditional artists worldwide. And we sell Phygital NFT collections which are based on Physical artworks in connection with NFT certificates for each artwork. For the last 12 months we have successfully launched 3 fully digital NFT collections and 5 Phygital NFT collections.

Phygital and Digital collections. What do we sell?

For the digital collections we have offered: The 10k collection: OG collection - It is an NFT collection for early adopters of the idea and project. The 10k collection: PASS collection - It is an NFT pass/access to future NFA marketplace. It has lots of benefits for holders. Learn more here Characters collection - it is a community oriented collection. For the phygital NFT collections we have offered:  Gazes of Papua NFT collection - Learn more here Grotesque Heads collection - Learn more here Grotesque Heads vol.2 collection - Learn more here Patchwork history collection - Learn more here

Numbers will definitely tell you more:

Since the launch, we have united 1800 artists on one platform. All of them registered to become a part of the web3 world and get a new source of collectors. We have become an international and multi language project because we unite creators from 79 countries. Besides artists we also work with collectors and in this field we are happy to be in touch with more than 690 collectors from all over the world.

Going back to facts and results, let’s look at the case studies we are glad to demonstrate:

Case study N1: Grotesque Heads collection

stands as a premier showcase of how Phygital NFTs function seamlessly. Each NFT in this limited supply of 25 pieces represents a one-of-a-kind physical artwork.

GH vol.2

What is phygital


Case study N2: The 10k collection PASS

is a key to ecosystem

The 10k collection provides a unique blend of culture, belief, and skill of artists from 65 countries. It allows artists to tell their stories and showcase their exceptional talents.

What is the 10k collection: PASS

Artist + PASS artwork

Case study N3: The Gazes of Papua is

another Phygital NFT case, where offers unique opportunities to collectors.

"The gazes of Papua" offers a deep connection with the indigenous peoples of Papua New Guinea, a civilization that entered the consciousness of the Western world in 1930.

The Gazes of Papua


Being an art collector is always a challenge for everyone. When you start your journey it is hard to find a community, when you are mature enough you want to become an honored member, when you are an expert you want to be an advisor.

All of the pain points can be easily overcome by the simple solution - holders community.

Not only can we share positive feedback with you, but we can also invite you to join the holders chat to trade, share, rate, or simply have fun.

Looking forward to seeing all art lovers in our community.


What is the plan?

We had a plan to start in 2022. Now we set goals and reach them.

What are the goals for the next 15 months?

Look at the Roadmap;

What do we have for you now?

We are glad to inform you, that you can become a part of history today! Live phygital collections: The Gazes of Papua by Jose Luis de Juan - link Grotesque Heads vol.2 by Mauricio Yauri - link Live digital collection: Characters - link

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