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Patchwork History. Abduahat

Updated: Jan 29

About collection

Step into the vibrant world of our collection, where Abduahat's dazzling patchwork technique infuses the exhibition hall with a festive aura.

Each painting in this collection is a visual puzzle, an encoded narrative that once resonated with our predecessors and now invites us to rediscover its hidden meanings. Abduahat's brushstrokes, a fusion of tradition and contemporary insight, form a new artistic language tailored to captivate the modern mind.

Within this collection, the artist captures diverse facets of the feminine mystique, portraying women as embodiments of serene beauty and elusive dreamscapes. Art critics praise Abduahat's unique approach, weaving mythological tales into his works, such as the captivating legend of Europa's abduction. One canvas unveils an intriguing structure resembling a cage, where a woman is delicately placed - a symbolic exploration that transcends time.

Abduahat, with a touch of irony, intertwines timeless plots, affirming that emotions and human connections defy temporal and spatial boundaries. As the artist eloquently reflects, "The plot of these paintings is eternal. The idea is that feelings and relationships between people are not subject to time and boundaries. This idea is still relevant for us today."

Immerse yourself in the eternal allure of Abduahat's artistry, where every stroke narrates a tale that resonates across generations.

Meeting. Moonlit night 

Technique: oil on canvas 

90 x 70 cm 



Embark on a visual odyssey with Abduahat, a seasoned artist whose creative journey spans a quarter of a century. Beyond the canvas, he's a dynamic contributor to various art projects.

Abduahat's art is a harmonious blend of everyday philosophy, depicted through symbolic imagery, and a distinctive decorative flair expressed in the graceful forms of ornamental mastery. A perpetual student of art, Abduahat draws inspiration from colleagues and the masters of world art, resulting in achievements that stand out for their originality and unique pictorial expression in the contemporary art landscape.

While the initial gaze at Abduahat's canvases may suggest simplicity, each holds profound meaning. Every stroke contributes to a nuanced narrative; a bull and a horse symbolize inner strength, a bird embodies happiness, an old man signifies wisdom, and a chariot whispers tales of travel.

Step into the enchanting world of Abduahat's artistry, where simplicity belies profound depth, and each detail beckons with its own poignant significance. Elevate your space with the timeless allure of his creations. - Thus, I want to show that the true values are what surrounds us. We must take care of each other, of nature, then she will reciprocate us, - says the artist.

The pagan energy of Abduahat's painting undoubtedly has a positive effect on his admirers.


Technique: oil on canvas 

72 x 108 cm 


What sets this collection apart?

Dive into the rich tapestry of our canvases, where the tactile illusion of handcrafted artistry blurs the lines between painting and tapestry. In this unique style, the artist orchestrates an endless symphony of plastic solutions, inviting the viewer to embark on an imaginative journey that unfolds with every stroke. While some pieces seamlessly blend the organic realism of human figures, others artfully intertwine conventionality and decorativeness, creating a captivating fusion of form and emotion. Elevate your space with art that transcends boundaries, where each canvas whispers a narrative waiting to be explored.


Under the luminescent glow of the moon, two hearts converged in the enchanting dance of fate. He, captivated by her beauty, fell deeply in love that very evening, pledging to traverse any obstacle to make her his own. In the soft moonlight, the promise of a love that transcended time hung in the air.

Yet, destiny took a mysterious turn as a mythical creature, a bull with imposing horns and an enigmatic lattice etched into its colossal body, materialized from the shadows. In a moment of unforeseen chaos, the creature seized young woman of his affection, spiriting her away into the unknown. The moon witnessed the ethereal abduction, leaving the young lover with a heart full of anguish.

Undeterred by despair, a heroic warrior emerged, drawn by the echoes of sorrow. In the third scene, the mythical bull and the valiant warrior engaged in a fierce battle, a clash of forces beyond mortal understanding. With courage and determination, the warrior emerged victorious, liberating the captured beauty from the mystical clutches of the bull. Underneath the moon's gentle gaze, love triumphed over adversity, etching a tale of passion, abduction, and the indomitable spirit of heroism in the canvas of destiny.

 The duel 

Technique: oil on canvas 

100 x 100 cm 


Mint info

Supply: 3 NFTs

Price: 5 eth

Physical artworks: 3 pcs

Mint location: Foundation:

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