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The 10k collection: PASS Sold out

Updated: Jan 29

PASSes to our physical art collection house in the Web3 space are sold out. We are thrilled and immensely proud to announce a significant milestone achieved, all thanks to your unwavering support and invaluable assistance.

Challenges Brought On By The Bear Market

In the face of limited supply, it is with immense satisfaction that we share this achievement. Our journey commenced during a bear market, and despite all odds, we managed to sell out all the NFTs in the collection. As the NFA project evolved and prepared for the launch, market sentiments deteriorated. The NFT market experienced a pronounced drop in all blue-chip assets. For both us and the collection house, this period has been about nurturing relationships within the community. Rather than pursuing rapid sales, we patiently awaited market validation, ensuring that clients could believe in our shared dreams and possibilities. Although the new collections sold out quickly, their prices kept plummeting.

Despite the urge to produce quick yield, we refrained from artificially generating interest through fake demand or leveraging the fame of influencers.

Instead, we chose to cultivate a genuine connection with our supporters. This achievement underscores the profound faith we all hold in NFC technology and the myriad opportunities it presents.

The Struggles Of The NFA Team

Our team eagerly anticipated such a result, displaying unwavering confidence in its realisation. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly, maintaining a constant presence across various social networks. We experimented with new platforms (such as Threads) and even abandoned some. We engaged with industry platforms like DeBank, Zealy, and Tropee and systematically honed our presence on them. The one thing that time eluded us was processing the images used in our publications, a crucial step that aimed to present us as authentic, transparent, and resolute.

The Roles Which Our Artists Skillfully Played Our artists, hailing from 65 different countries worldwide, anxiously awaited this moment. For them, it signifies more than just a sale; it is the proof of their talent and unwavering commitment. Artists evolved alongside the project, adapting to new technologies, servers, and social networks. They even had to familiarise themselves with cryptocurrency. The core group of artists fully committed to supporting the project in any way it evolved. We presented our work collectively at the NFT Show Europe and continue to unite at X Spaces. With every mint, our holders instilled confidence in our artists and helped write a new chapter in the annals of art history. This collection signifies a pivotal moment in the art world as it welcomes you, our esteemed owners, and future collectors of democratic and progressive art into its fold. A fascinating aspect of our artist community lies in its diversity. Throughout the project's year-long existence, NFA brought together more than 1,000 artists from 65 countries. Regardless of location, age, or experience, our artists express a passion for NFT technology and a desire to showcase their work to the crypto world. The most striking feature is that these are traditional artists ready to embrace the crypto world. Only 10% of them are established artists; the majority are revolutionary artists who envision the future of art through blockchain technologies. To our artists, we extend heartfelt gratitude for being part of this transformative journey. Together, we are reshaping the future of art.

How "The 10K Collection" Holders Benefit

Our holders are now proud owners of the PASS and OG collections, totaling more than 550 individuals. Our collectors come in two distinctive categories: High-profile investors who resolved to become art dealers and collectors after discovering art through our collection. Physical collectors who leverage blockchain technology in investment Today, our team's primary focus is on attracting and nurturing degens. However, starting from the first half of 2024, we will actively engage with physical collectors. We have already applied for participation in Art Dubai in February and the Web3 Dubai IRL event. During the next two months of 2023, we plan to: - Host Physical art sales for the Pass holders and public collectors - Join redeemables Drop launch in partnership with OpenSea - Finish and publish a mockup of the NFA collection house website/marketplace We are incredibly proud and excited to be part of the NFT family and featured here as a new and outstanding product. We believe in the future of the NFT market and believe that art should work and exist with a direct connection to the NFT.

As we celebrate the success of our 10k collection, we invite you to explore the broader horizon of our NFT collection at NFA Space. Each NFT is a gateway to a unique artistic experience, blending the essence of traditional art with the innovation of digital technology. Our collections are more than just digital assets; they are a testament to artistic diversity and creativity. We encourage you to browse through our varied and vibrant NFT collection, where each piece tells a story, captures an emotion, and represents a unique artistic vision. Get your pass to join

Where could you buy our NFTs?

We have prepared for you the best collections on the most famous OpenSea platform


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