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More than1,500 artists joined the 10k collection. The way found them

Since the inception of the project, our team has put a significant amount of effort into building the core of our collection house: our artists. We have successfully brought together a community of 1560 artists, approximately 600 of whom are actively involved in the project.

We have interacted with our artists primarily through our main Instagram account : Instagram Where we have implemented smart marketing strategies to ensure that all of our subscribers are real, active artists from 65 different countries.

The daily number of direct messages we usually processing are around 300. All artists who have submitted paintings to the collection are aware of their goal of obtaining membership in the collection house and are familiar with the terms of cooperation. The view activity for stories is very high.

To attract new artists, we have utilized advertising technology and overcome language barriers by advertising in the native languages of our artists.

We have also organized all of our work with artists to explain the concept of the project in 30 different languages.

As part of our initiative to develop a marketplace for the collection house, we initially decided to create website focused solely on artists in English. However, to assist the creators in their work, we have created and posted a variety of tutorial materials on Medium.

To establish trust with the artists of, we offer each artist who meets the requirements for uploading paintings and opening a wallet, non-transferable NFTs. Our smart contract provides metadata such as first name, last name, and country of the artist. These NFTs confirm the artist’s participation in our collection and membership in our collection house. In addition, the artist will have the right to generate tickets for all auctions and create their auctions on OpenSea (

As a recognition of their contribution, the artist will also be nominated as an “Artist of the Day” on our Instagram page.

The most active artists received “Ambassador” status.

The artists were interviewed in written and oral format:

Data collected from artists according to a survey conducted on Instagram, about 50% of artists had no experience with Discord, Twitter. 30% have never had a Cryptowallet before.

90 percent of community members have not attempted to sell their art through NFT, while 90 percent out of the 100 percent who have tried reported a negative experience.

Here are several interesting facts about the 10K collection:

The largest painting in the collection measures 240 x 310 cm.

Paintings in the collection are represented from 65 countries

The oldest painting in the collection dates back to 1963, with two other paintings dating back to 1971 and six from the 1980s.

One artist contributed 137 paintings to the 10K collection.

The oldest artist was born in 1941, with five other artists born in the 1950s.

The paintings in the collection are created using a range of materials, from traditional oils, watercolors, and acrylics to more unusual materials such as aloe vera juice, walnuts, and black pepper.

The 10K collection features several artists who are pioneers in their styles of art.

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