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How to set up a crypto wallet?

You will need a crypto wallet to make transactions, send and create NFT. To get your royalty, you will need a crypto wallet, as well. We will teach you how to simply set up your first crypto wallet.

We’re gonna use metamask, but the way you create your first wallet will be also useful on other platforms and other wallets.

First of all, you need to download the metamask wallet on your phone, or add it as an extension on your browser.

Here is the link for chrome extension:

Step by step guide “how to add Metamask to you chrome browser”.

Step by step guide “how to set up wallet”.

After adding extension to your browser, metamask will be opened at new window.

Press the button “get started”.

Second step is to create password to protect your wallet. Minimum requirement is 8 symbols. Better to use strong password.

Then you will see tutorial video from metamask. You can skip it, or watch it for your interest.

Then you will see your secret recovery phrase — is a kind of password in crypto world. These words you gonna use later to recover or transfer your wallet. Better to save it on paper, or somewhere on your pc, phone, laptop.

Save the words of secret recovery phrase and push the button “next”.

Next step is “confirm your secret phrase”

Here you need to place your words in the right order.

Press the button “confirm”.


Now you have your metamask wallet.

If you did it on Phone, you could also open it and use it on pc, by putting the recovery phrase.

Important: if you lose your recovery phrase, you will not be able to connect to your wallet.

You could read guide in other languages here: – Medium.

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