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Espresso Expressions. Luis Madrid

Espresso Expressions in the NEW phygital collection by and Luis Madrid.

25 adorable artworks have been placed on the Ethereum blockchain to be presented to the legendary web3 community.



Each artwork in the "Espresso Expressions" collection not only pushes the boundaries of traditional painting mediums but also connects with viewers on an emotional level, making every piece a conversation starter in the digital and physical realm. Explore this caffeinated journey where emotions are brewed to perfection and own a piece of this unique blend of art and coffee.

Let each stroke of 'Espresso Expressions' resonate with your own life's emotions, making your space a testament to art and personal story.

Artworks Highlights:

Artworks Highlights:

Vivid Reactions - This piece features an explosive display of raw emotion, where the dynamic application of coffee not only colors but also contours the intensity of the expression.

Silent Whispers - A contrast to the bold, this artwork explores the subtleties of human emotions through softer, more nuanced coffee stains, illustrating a quiet moment of introspection.

Cultural Reflections - Celebrating diversity, this portrait integrates traditional cultural motifs, rendered beautifully with coffee, highlighting the artist’s versatility and sensitivity to world cultures.

Echoes of Joy - With a smile captured in warm, earthy tones, this painting radiates positivity and the universal language of happiness.

Scream of the Nature - A raw, powerful expression of human connection with nature, depicted through intense, evocative coffee strokes.


Luis Madrid:

The idea of ​​painting with coffee was born accidentally, my sister lives in the coffee region of Colombia, a space framed between three capital cities Armenia, Manizales and Pereira in which coffee production in Colombia is mostly concentrated, spending a few days there and living next to a coffee roaster, olo made me fall more in love with our national drink.On one occasion I had bought material to work with, watercolor paper, and I accidentally dropped coffee from my cupboard onto a sheet. To save the sheet, I only found a brush nearby and I noticed the multitude of sepia-like tones that were there as a blessing. The rest is the story. to perfect the technique by adding some materials such as inks and achieve watercolor.

Luis Madrid:

This is the place of inspiration



Luis Fernando Madrid López, born on September 15, 1969, in Bogotá, Colombia, developed a distinctive artistic style rooted in painting and sculpture at the David Manzur Academy of Arts. His education continued at the Taller 5 Design Center, where he earned a degree in Graphic Design, balancing his studies with active participation in numerous exhibitions.

Throughout his career, Luis Fernando worked in various roles within advertising and publishing, while also teaching at the Universidad de Los Andes. His work, characterized by continuous exploration and innovation in materials and techniques, has gained international recognition, with exhibitions worldwide and awards from notable art festivals. His pieces are part of private collections across multiple countries in South and North America, Europe, Australia and museums in South Korea and Colombia.


Echoes of Emotion: The Expressionist Art of Luis Madrid

Luis Fernando Madrid López's artworks embody the spirit of expressionism, where emotions are not just depicted but felt. Each piece, crafted in bright, fluid watercolor shades, captures the essence of expressionism with its blend of abstract and figurative elements, emphasizing the raw emotional power through vivid colors and dynamic shapes. As Robert De Niro said, "You don't need words to express your feelings." These paintings scream, cry, and moan, portraying the spectrum of human emotions from despair to ecstasy, much like coffee which, as Jackie Chan notes, "is a language in itself." In embracing expressionism, Luis Fernando's work focuses on the emotional impact over precise detail, using color and contrast to evoke feelings of horror, fear, delight, and more. These artworks are not just seen; they are experienced, speaking directly to the viewer in the universal language of emotion.


NFT/ Artwork Gallery

Main info

Supply: 25 NFTs (25 physical artworks)

Price for NFA holders: 0.11 eth

Price for WL: 0.13 eth

Price for public: 0.15 eth

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