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Unveiling The New 3D Art Gallery: The Potentials For NFT Collectors, Holders, and Artists

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

The emergence of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has revolutionized the art world in recent years. Artists, collectors, and investors are all reaping the benefits of this digital asset as it opens up new opportunities for monetizing and appreciating art.  


One innovative approach that holds immense potential for NFT holders, collectors, and artists is the 3D art gallery for selling physical paintings as NFTs. 


We understand the importance of visibility in the NFT world, and, we are super excited to offer FULLY BRANDED + CUSTOMIZED 3D GALLERIES!  


Introducing the new 3D Art gallery on!  


Traditional art galleries have always been limited by physical space, making it difficult for artists to exhibit their work globally. However, with the birth of NFTs and virtual reality (VR) technology, the possibilities are limitless. Imagine a virtual 3D art gallery accessible to anyone with an internet connection. 


This new platform combines the traditional beauty of physical artwork with the digital advantages of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). What potential does the new NFA 3D art gallery bring for NFT collectors, holders, and artists?  


About The CASTmyNFT Platform 


CASTmyNFT offers free immersive 3D galleries designed to transform how NFTs are displayed, viewed, and experienced. 


Highlights of the CASTmyNFT Platform 

  • Immersive 3D gallery 

  • New viewer experience 

  • Focus on your artwork 

  • Engage your audience 

  • Easy sharing and display of NFTs 

  • It is a free platform!  


It is a remarkable way to bring more awareness and focus to your artwork while keeping your audience engaged. What challenges will the NFA 3D art gallery solve in the art and NFT sector?  


Breaking Down Geographical Barriers: 

One of the significant challenges faced by artists and art collectors is the rules imposed by physical galleries. However, with the advent of the 3D art gallery, there are no limitations.  


Geographical boundaries become irrelevant as anyone with an internet connection can now explore, appreciate, and even purchase physical paintings as NFTs from the comfort of their homes. This global accessibility vastly expands the reach of artists and collectors, allowing them to connect and transact on an unprecedented scale. 


For collectors:  

With the new 3D gallery, collectors benefit from an immersive preview of all paintings without changing location. NFT holders and collectors can explore the gallery and admire and purchase these paintings as NFTs.  


For artists:  

This virtual gallery allows artists to showcase their physical paintings in a digital space, breaking down geographical barriers and reaching a global audience. The 3D art gallery is a good tool for new artists to showcase their artwork because it is free. So, with zero cost, artists can market their paintings in the form of NFT to a vast audience in the virtual 3D gallery.  


For holders: 

Owning a digital representation of a physical artwork grants buyers the exclusivity and authenticity associated with original pieces. This is a game-changer for NFT collectors who want to expand their portfolios beyond digital assets. 


Lowering Cost Spent On NFT Marketplaces:  

The second factor that hinders artists from adopting NFT technology and platforms is the high fees on NFT marketplaces. NFT marketplace charges artists for listing and selling their artworks on the platform. New artists with low capital find this challenging because they can only market and earn after paying these gas fees.  


With the new 3D art gallery, artists can easily connect their wallets to the gallery and display their paintings in the form of NFTs. Traditional artists with physical paintings can market their art in the 3D showroom as NFTs.  


For Collectors: 

Thanks to this virtual gallery, collectors can gain access to paintings without the cost of traveling. What's more?  


This immersive view provides a different new viewer experience and interface. With the colorful and attractive layout and frames, collectors can view several paintings from various artists.  


User-Friendly Platform:  

The 3D showroom does not require technicalities to operate. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes its usage by new artists and collectors easier. 


Creating a Unique NFT Collection: 

NFT collectors and holders are always eager to discover unique and valuable assets to add to their portfolios. With the integration of physical paintings in the form of NFTs, collectors now have the opportunity to own exclusive, unique pieces.  


The digital representation of physical artwork verifies the provenance and authenticity of the paintings, making these NFTs highly desirable assets. Moreover, the mixture of digital and physical art creates a synergy that captures the essence of both worlds, making these NFTs truly special and unique. 


For Artists: 

Artists can conveniently market their artwork through the platform. These NFT artworks are exhibited with a unique interface that helps investors focus on the artwork and analyze its magnificence. Additionally, artists with a keen aesthetic flare can customize their 3D showrooms to their taste.  


This means that artists can choose the best design and frames for displaying their paintings to the public. The CASTmyNFT platform assists them in branding their paintings at zero cost!  


By selling their physical artwork as NFTs, artists can tap into a growing market of crypto-savvy collectors willing to invest in unique pieces. 


For Collectors: 

Collectors are presented with a detailed and aesthetic view of NFTs which promotes smooth NFT trading. How so?  


Collectors can diversify their portfolios, owning both digital and physical assets, while benefiting from the exclusivity and provenance provided by NFTs. 


A New Revenue Stream for Artists: 

For artists, the 3D art gallery offers a game-changing approach to monetizing their physical artwork. By selling their paintings as NFTs, artists can tap into a growing market of crypto-savvy collectors willing to invest in unique pieces.  


This opens up new revenue streams and opportunities for artists to showcase their work globally. Furthermore, artists retain ownership of their physical artwork while benefiting from the digital representation and sales of the NFTs. 


The NFT market offers an additional revenue stream for artists, allowing them to generate income from their physical artwork through digital sales.  


Proven Success of NFTs: 

The rise of NFTs has taken the art world by storm. It is remarkable to note how the NFT market is growing exponentially!  


In September 2021 alone, the total market value of NFT transactions reached over $881 million US dollars, reflecting an increase compared to the previous year. Fast forward to 2023, the NFT market has over 14 million users worldwide. An analysis on November 15, 2023, shows that the aggregated NFT sales value over 30 days alone is $10.85 million!  


This data showcases the growing interest and confidence in NFTs as valuable digital assets. Combining the success of NFTs with the timeless allure of physical paintings through the new 3D art gallery is a winning formula for artists, collectors, and investors. 


Meanwhile, the VR market is also experiencing significant growth. It is fascinating to learn that over 50 million people have adopted Virtual Reality(VR) as of 2023. Statista predicts 2027 to record over 100 million VR and AR users worldwide. How amazing! 


The convergence of NFTs and VR presents a unique opportunity for the art industry, allowing artists to leverage the advantages of both technologies. 


The new platform makes it easy for artists to benefit from these technologies with massive potential.  



The new 3D art gallery for selling physical paintings through NFTs marks an exciting evolution in the art industry. The blend of digital and physical art provides endless potential for NFT collectors, holders, and artists.  


This innovative platform breaks down geographical barriers, offers unique and exclusive NFT assets for collectors, and creates new revenue for artists. The unveiling of this 3D art gallery will reshape the art industry and pave the way for a new era of art appreciation and investment. 


Join NFA as we uncover new strategies to leverage the power of the NFT sector!  

Get a taste of art through the virtual 3D gallery on 




How can I start with the 3D gallery?  



  • Click on the top right vertical lines.  


  • Click on "Open a gallery".  



You will enjoy the carefully compiled video "A Guide on How to Get Started with the New 3D Art Gallery on!" 


What is the maximum number of frames which the virtual showroom provides?  

  • Currently, the maximum number of free frames available to artists is 40. 


How much does it cost to create a gallery?  

  • It is free!  


Can I connect with a wallet aside from metamask?  

  • Yes!  You can also connect using a "Coinbase wallet".  

How many free templates are available for artists?  

  • The Castmynft platform currently has three free templates for artists to create their 3D art gallery. 

  1. The first one contains 40 frames and is called the "Abandoned Subway Station" template.   

  2. The second showroom template has ten frames and is called the "Living Room" template.  

  3. The last art template has 19 frames and is called the "Frenchie" template.  


Each template is uniquely named based on the design setting on the 3D gallery. 

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