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Victoria Kalolo


Year of birth:



Styles & Genres:

Realism, Contemporary


Acrylic on canvas, Mixed media on canvas

Victoria Kalolo is a self-taught artist specializing in realistic and abstract painting/drawing, as well as handcrafts such as crochet and embellishment, using a variety of materials from yarn and shells to beads and bamboo.

She started her artistic career at around the age of 8, where art began as entertainment, drawing cartoons and various things available at home.

She grew up understanding that art is a business in the modern world and honed her artistic skills by learning how to use different tools, mix colors and color mixing tactics through tutorials on You Tube.

This improved the quality of her drawings. Thus, she began painting seriously for her family and friends, and from that point on, art became one of her sources of income.

Victoria Kalolo is an aspiring artist who strives to grow and become one of the best artists who will use her art to entertain, educate and help society in one way or another.

Victoria Kalolo
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