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Vasyl Davydenko


Year of birth:



Styles & Genres:

Abstract, Surrealism, Other


Oil on canvas

Vasil Davydenko was born in Alexandria. Lives in Kyiv. Art education:

2001 - 2005 studied at a secondary art school (Alexandria);

2006-2010 Alexandria Institute of Culture;

2010-2015 Department of monumental and decorative painting, Boychuk University, Kyiv.

The style is surrealist-abstraction, a picture of a stream of consciousness, a flight of thoughts.

The main task of the paintings is spirituality and separation from the material world, an idea that is formed entirely on a subconscious level, a way of thinking.

Initially, ultimately, his works are unique and have no similarities with other authors of surrealism.

The work shows something external, not something that is with us all the time, it is like energy and the greatest images and processes that are completely incomprehensible to us, occurring only in that world, which you can only see in pictures.

At first, a mysterious, formless work in time turns into deep processes occurring directly from the Viewer to the picture and to the viewer from the picture.

Vasyl Davydenko
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