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Tatiana Guennewig


Year of birth:



Styles & Genres:

Abstract impressionism, Pop Art, Modern, Contemporary, Abstract


Acrylic on canvas

Tatiana Guennewig is an artist from Germany. Her work is characterized by such styles as Modernism, Impressionism, Abstraction, Abstract Expressionism, Contemporary, and sometimes a little Pop Art or Art Deco.

She says:

“With the help of acrylic I transfer my feelings and emotions onto canvas.

My work is a bright thirst for life, which helps to look inside yourself and into your feelings.

One of the most important feelings in every person’s life is to be happy.

I draw my feelings, experiences, desires and thoughts that impress me.

For me, colors have extraordinary power. The variety of colors inspires and makes me happy!”

Tatiana Guennewig
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