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Salvatore Petrucino


Year of birth:



Styles & Genres:

Surrealism, Pop Art, Abstract, Art Deco, Impressionism


Acrylic on canvas

Salvatore Petruchino, born in Latina, is a multidisciplinary contemporary Italian artist whose creative path crosses the spheres of surrealism, painting and beyond. Based in Italy, his creative efforts have reached global acclaim and his work has captivated audiences across continents.

Driven by a deep passion for chess, animals and the evocative power of painting, Petruchino's work is characterized by originality and emotional resonance. Each piece is a testament to his boundless imagination, weaving images that explore themes from environmental conservation to love, diversity and the complexities of war.

Since his artistic debut in 2010, Petruchino has been a prolific presence on the international art scene, participating in numerous exhibitions and prestigious events. His work has graced gallery walls and window displays in important cities such as Rome, Monte Carlo, London, Madrid, Barcelona, New York and beyond.

Among his worthy notable successes, we recall the representation of Italy at the Gala de Arte in Montecarlo in 2014, where he achieved remarkable success, participation in prestigious exhibitions such as the Rome Biennale, Maison d’art Padova and the Umbria Arts Festival. .

Among Petruchino's recognitions, we also recall the first place in the painting competition at the KAOS in Terni during the second Chess Open in 2016, and the award to Dante Alighieri in Florence in 2021.

His solo exhibitions, such as the one at Atelier Montez in Rome in 2022, and his presence in collective reviews, such as in Ibiza the same year, have further strengthened his reputation as a renowned international artist.

Salvatore Petrucino
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