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Noel Boyer Farinet ClementSiesta


Year of birth:



Styles & Genres:



Liners, Watercolor pencils on paper, Pencil on paper, Ballpoint pen on DCP

Noel Boyer Farinet ClementSiesta, artist and designer.

A former employee of a mutual insurance company, he handled accident cases for 38 years.

About himself he says:

“I returned to drawing during lockdown in March 2020. I hadn’t drawn for 40 years, apart from a few doodles here and there.

This time I realized that I am better than I thought...

So I decided to post my work on Instagram and Facebook and received positive feedback.

And when I returned to the office, requests from some colleagues for illustrations made me want to go further than just drawing, as nice as that was"

Noel Boyer Farinet ClementSiesta
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