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Francesca Tesoriere


Year of birth:



Styles & Genres:



Acrylic, Mixed media

Francesca Tesorier is an abstract botanical artist, illustrator and art teacher.

As an artist, she began painting large and small abstract canvases on paper about two years ago (2018), mostly with acrylic paints.

Latest exhibitions:

in December 2023: Collective exhibition / Esposizione Triennale di Arti visive a Roma, San Salvatore Museum in Lauro, Rome;

September 2023: HMVC Gallery Virtual Group Exhibition in Times Square, New York;

August 2023: Art on Loop, Paros, Greece. Collective virtual exhibition;

December 2022: Collective exhibition/Contemporary Art Fair, It Liquid Group, Palazzo Bembo, Venice.

Francesca Tesoriere
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