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Elizabete Klints


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Ink on paper, Embroidered, Graphic arts

“I love experimenting with different materials and textures - it allows me to express my creativity in diverse ways. Painting gives me the freedom to play with colors and forms, while working with textiles allows me to create tactile and visually intriguing pieces. Graphics, on the other hand, allow me to explore the digital realm and combine traditional and contemporary elements in my work.”

Elizabete's work often combines various mediums to create mixed-media pieces that are filled with texture and depth. She is inspired by nature, culture, and the human experience, and her artwork often reflects these influences.

“I find inspiration in the beauty of the natural world, whether it's the intricate patterns found in plants and animals, or the organic shapes and textures of landscapes. I am also fascinated by different cultures and their traditions, as well as the human experience and emotions. These themes often find their way into my artwork, as I try to capture the essence of what I see and feel.”

Elizabete's artistic process involves a combination of planning and spontaneity. She starts by researching and gathering inspiration, whether it's through visiting museums, exploring new places, or simply observing her surroundings. Once she has an idea in mind, she starts experimenting with different materials and techniques to bring that idea to life.

“I love the process of creating art – it allows me to escape reality and dive into my imagination. I believe that art is a powerful tool for self-expression and communication, and through my work, I hope to evoke emotions and inspire others.”

Elizabete's artwork has been exhibited in various galleries and art events in Latvia and internationally. She continues to explore new techniques and mediums, constantly pushing the boundaries of her creativity.

“I am always looking for new ways to express myself and challenge myself as an artist. Whether it's trying out a new medium or experimenting with different styles, I believe that growth comes from stepping out of my comfort zone. Art is a never-ending journey, and I am excited to see where it takes me next.”

Elizabete Klints
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