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Wojtek Mazek


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Oil on canvas

Wojtek Mazek, born in Pruszkow, Poland.

He is a self-taught artist and started painting in February 2017. He began mainly by drawing and studying professional literature, acquiring the knowledge and drawing skills necessary for further artistic work.

He says the following about himself:

“The works reflect my own thoughts about the meaning of existence in a world of illusions. In them, I struggle with a reality that does not exist. I try my best to overcome my own ego in a world that creates the illusion of reality.

My works are the result of the transformation of matter taking place within me, splashed out from the mind polluted by the Matrix surrounding me. In abstract settings of myself, I have always struggled with the forces of good and evil, trying to transfer my thoughts to a piece of canvas, board or other material.

I view painting as a way of self-realization, or rather self-presentation, or exhibitionism of one’s own ego, or projection of the unreal surrounding world through the prism of oneself. Chasing the need to constantly create, I burn out in the meaninglessness of my own existence.

I would like to find myself within myself someday."

Wojtek Mazek
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