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Viktoriia Bashlykova


Year of birth:

Ukraine, United States of America


Styles & Genres:



Acrylic on canvas

Viktoriia Bashlykova, artist, was born and lives in Ukraine, in the city of Kyiv.

She says about herself:

“I loved drawing since childhood, but it so happened that I did not attend special courses, but was actively involved in sports.

I have always loved art and always loved visiting exhibitions and museums wherever I went.

I painted my first painting on canvas in 2011, while I was pregnant.

Then somehow in two years she managed to paint several more paintings.

After that there was not enough time.

With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, I started drawing again. I wanted to “let go” and do my own “reset.”

As I painted, the colors became brighter and more colorful, and I realized that a new stage had begun in my life."

Viktoriia Bashlykova
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