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Russell Pulford


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Acrylic on linen cardboard

Russell Pulford is a resident artist based in Western Australia. Russell specializes in abstract landscape and abstract mixed media acrylic painting.

He says the following about his work:

“I work with acrylics, adding gels and pastes allows me to stretch the paint, blend it and achieve the textured impasto style found in my paintings.

Nature and the environment are the motivation behind my abstract landscape painting.

Taking care of our beautiful environment should be a much higher priority, it is everyone's responsibility.

There are so many beautiful places to visit and paint. I have many favorite places.

I am currently working on my Art Memoir project, abstract pieces reflecting different events in my life.

I plan to have these pieces form a “my art, my words” exhibition at some point in the future.

I hope that viewing my work will leave you with a positive experience, I would like your curiosity to be aroused and you to be intrigued by the different textures and color combinations that hold your attention as you explore the work and make you think. and keep thinking.

Painting for me is an opportunity to meditate, reconsider and form a conclusion."

Russell Pulford
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