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John Dobson


Year of birth:

United States of America


Styles & Genres:

Art Deco, Other


Acrylic, Oil on canvas

John Dobson is an artist from the USA.

He owns the words:

"My work is known as OneArt. I am the 'father' of this Art Movement.  It's fundamentals are: Life is a unique balance of energy, and this energy moves. We touch Love through It's exchanges, and God through sharing. 

Trees, flowers, you, me, even the very air we breathe are made up of the same energy - with each identifiable by moving at different speeds. We are energy and so is our Universe.  We radiate our very own unique energy signatures, and the special part of all of this is that each of us affects and thus is affected by Life's balance of energy through our expressing and receiving Love. I get to paint this. Art,then, must evolve and concern itself with the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life, and with the exchanges of Love which elevate us all to be One  - thus OneArt."

John Dobson
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