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Gerardo La Porta


Year of birth:



Styles & Genres:

Pop Art, Modern


Acrylic on canvas

Gerardo La Porta, aka "Gilaporta", was born in a town in the Salerno region, EBOLI - Italy.

Since childhood, he stood out for his artistic abilities, winning a prize at the age of 6 in a school competition. Despite his different education, he studies everything related to art in secret from his parents. He is very passionate about Renaissance and then 20th century artists, the details of technique and expression are the areas he delves into the most; He began to draw together with his peer, who had the same hobbies, later, during breaks from work. He significantly improves his technique of working with oil paints, alternating them with acrylic and watercolor.

His life suddenly changes: he decides to follow his passion for travel and starts working on cruise ships that will take him away for 10 years. Instead, it gives him the opportunity to learn about new cultures, new countries and all the arts of the world. Returning to Italy, he felt the need to return to painting in order to express and explore new techniques in the art world.

His artistic expression is POP ART, with very bright colors and many shades that are reminiscent of the passion for Africa, with very pronounced lines and colors, the shades of these places alternating with the overlay of brushstrokes, reminiscent of the “Impressionist” style, also giving three-dimensionality to the figures.

Recent works focus on NATURE, which has been impacted by human mismanagement in recent years and is why we are experiencing climate change that is disrupting our daily lives. Prioritizing work makes the problem even more visible and makes you think: let's start not harming it and saving the WORLD.

Exhibitions 2023:

I recently completed an exhibition of some of my works in London, UK at BOBCATGallery (lasting 3 months) and one of my works in TAIWAN at Art Revolution Taipei (lasting 1 month).

It boasts many collaboration projects with online galleries and magazines in Italy and abroad.

Creator and co-organizer of the first edition of "LENZUOLA D'ARTE", which will take place in the historical center of Eboli (South Africa) from June 21 to September 21, 2022.

From August 11th to September 3rd one of my works will be exhibited in Spain during the Art al Vent event.

I am currently the artistic director of the GATTAPONE Eboli Association (South Africa), which promotes the arts in all its aspects: painting, literature, music and theater.

His works are exhibited in private collections in many European countries, the USA, Morocco, Egypt,

Shanghai, China.

Currently, the works are presented in online galleries such as SAATCHIART, SINGULART, TEELENT.

He currently has a studio in Eboli, South Africa, where he lives and works.

Gerardo La Porta
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