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Annette Back


Year of birth:

United States of America


Styles & Genres:



Mixed media, Oil on canvas

Annette Back, artist. Now lives in the USA.

This is how she characterizes her work:

"Expressing myself visually has always been a part of me. My childhood temperament was shy. Verbal communication was not easy.

Growing up Jewish in Germany didn't help, as I usually tried to speak my mind.

I believe this way of thinking allowed me to hone my observation skills and look at the many layers of a situation.

When creating art, expression can be deliberate, thoughtful, and meaningful.

The paintings tell a story and evoke emotions. Interpretation of the subject is achieved by transferring photographs and text onto the first layer, then adding additional layers of transparent or opaque colors, lines, shapes and textures.

To realize my plan, various techniques and interesting color combinations are used.

Inspiration comes from memories, experiences and current events.

I'm fearless in my conceptual, bold and colorful approach, but I also have a visual conversation with the viewer and make connections.

My art business has been recognized as a "Trusted Art Seller" by the Art Storefronts Organization, which means you can shop with confidence and know that I stand behind the quality and value of my products"

Annette Back
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