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Yana Venedchuk


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Styles & Genres:



Acrylic on canvas

Yana Venedchuk is a young emerging artist from Belarus.

She says about herself:

“I am an artist in body and soul. I use ink, acrylic and a technique I invented that combines gouache and collage.

I like to work with my hands, come up with an idea, and then bring it to life. Nothing can replace this process.

I believe that every painting has its own life because it is completely imbued with my energy.

I find inspiration in my unstable life. I travel a lot and have seen many amazing places and people. I'm soaking it all up...

At some indefinite moment, an image of a new painting appears in front of me, which I will soon paint.

All my paintings are very bright and rich. Strange and familiar. Their presence will not leave anyone indifferent"

Yana Venedchuk
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