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Lino Scerbo


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Acrylic on canvas

Lino Scerbo, artist by passion. From the age of 16, he attended Lino Tardia's studio in Rome for two years, experimenting with styles and techniques with the careful support of the master.

After a break to study communications, he resumed painting full-time with the birth of his daughter Sarah in 1989.

In 1991 he performed "Paternity" and "Donna in Rosso",

oil on wood (private collection) with a noticeable figurative impressionistic style.

He participated in various exhibitions and competitions throughout Italy from 1991 to 2000 with a series of women's paintings.

In 2011, he experimented with material that was dominated by the theme of "Trees in the Snow", often mono- or bichromatic with shades of gold.

Since 2021, he began experimenting with different techniques and styles, moving to acrylic on canvas and continuously creating.

His art became the center of his life: he created portraits and paintings to order.

In addition, he expressed his sensitivity to such important issues as the struggle for freedom of Iranian women and the suffering of Ukrainian women during the war.

In recent years, Lino Scerbo has been experimenting with pop art, exploring and experimenting with new techniques and developing his style.

Lino Scerbo
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