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Claudia Darkness


Year of birth:



Styles & Genres:

Art Nouveau


Ink and pigmented silica

Claudia Darkness is an artist from Bahia, Brazil.

She has a master's degree in psychopedagogy. Self-taught in painting.

This is how Claudia Darkness describes her work:

“I portray my passion for secrets and deadly conspiracies through the Ladies of Death.

Mother of four children and grandmother of five grandchildren.

I like Celtic music, coffee, chimarrana and barbecue.

I inherited courage, perseverance and love of Latin from my father.

His mother's perfectionism and love of art.

I love challenges, I love testing techniques, creating pigments and colors.

Fascinated by legends and mysticism, I create a world for each girl I draw.

I love motorcycles and bright colors"

Claudia Darkness
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